Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Red Kelly Rides The Night Train To Nashville!

Red Kelly's the b side...

Red Kelly's the b side...

In case you haven't come from there, Red Kelly at soul blog the b side has been featuring some amazing soul artists who recorded in Nashville, from Joe Tex to Slim Harpo to Joe Simon, with extensive histories the way I would like to be able to write them! The Joe Simon article in particular goes into the career of WLAC and of DJs such as John Richbourg.

Required reading (and listening!) for anyone intrigued by Nashville soul!

Red Kelly on Joe Tex
Red Kelly on Ted Taylor
Red Kelly on Slim Harpo
Red Kelly on Joe Simon, John Richbourg and WLAC Radio


Rob Whatman said...

Alice Russell is storming away in the all-new VISITORS POLL! Mpho Skeef is close behind. Will the adopted Brighton soulgirl win out?

Look in the Artists Articles section for BRITISH SOUL CONTENDERS 1 & 2 for a listen.

Keep voting, and tell us what you thought in the comments for any post! :)

Jean-Luc Picard said...

You know a lot about music!

Rob Whatman said...

Merci, mon Capitain!

Well, I guess I stick to what I know. Plus, the internet has just made it so much easier to learn new details, and meet other people who know so much more than me!

I guess my blog is just my way to show what I am learning about right now. But all the people like Red Kelly in my Blog Roll really know what they are talking about!

Red Kelly said...

like hell I do, Rob...

each record has been like an opening door for me... I'm learning as I go just like you, man.

...I mean guys like John Ridley and David Cole, now THEY know what they're talking about, brother. not me.

Thanks for the compliment, and hey, I'm learning from you too, dude!