Monday, October 02, 2006

Dante Carfagna & Memphix Records

Just time for a post on general stuff. While researching Memphis gospel label Designer Records, and reading an article about Memphix Records, I noticed the name of Dante Carfagna on the same webpage. I knew only that Dante Carfagna is behind the creation of Ohio Soul Recordings. However, it seems that this is merely the tip of the iceberg.

Those of you who are a bit more hip than I may well know that Mr Carfagna is also writer of the website Wax Poetics, and a renowned DJ and recording artist under the name of Express Rising, who's debut album jeux de ficelles (on Memphix Records) in 2003 is a much-sought after, limited edition, modern-day collectors item. Or as one site described it:

"...just about the most peaceful and folkily psychedelic instrumental breakbeat funk-soul-hop you ever heard."

Dante began his recording career by designing beats for Professor Griff of Public Enemy. He is one of the founders, with Luke Sexton and Chad Weekley, of the hip-hop/rare beats label Memphix Records, and also involved with Now-Again Records, who release both modern hip-hop and numerous compilations of rare soul and funk.

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You can hear some clips of Dante Carfagna's work at Boomkat's CD site, although, due to their popularity, copies are rare as hen's teeth. eBay has some listings.

A discography of Memphix Records can be found here.

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