Sunday, October 22, 2006

New Soul Legends: British Soul Contenders Part 1

I'm busy preparing to start a new job, but time for a post about an article in the British Observer newspaper today, on new British soul talents. I've never heard any of them before, but there are some links to check them out, and there is much to praise. The journalist Elle J Small describes them as, "They're loud, they're proud - and they're not interested in what the major labels have to say!" Bless their little cotton socks. Why do journalists write these things?...

But do they have that certain little something that makes you forget all that you've been through? What do you think? Here are the first contenders, for my own unbelieveably imaginary BEHM Awards 2006. You are the voters. Vote in the all-new computerised Poll in the sidebar!

Alice Russell, was born in Framlingham, soon to work with Massive Attack, performed at the top of Mount Fuji, and sings with Brighton's Quantic Soul Orchestra. She would most like to visit Al Green's church.

Mpho Skeef, born in Cape Town to a white mother and black father. Her mother was jailed during the Soweto Riots, and she had to stay there too during the sentence. Now based in south London.

L-Marie, or Lisa Marie O'Hagan, is from Glasgow, Scotland. "I get stick for being a white Scot singing soul", she chuckles. She made a soul style by singing her own lyrics over 50 Cent and Kanye West instrumentals.

Tawiah is from Battersea, London. "People always say they love the fact that I've got a soulful voice but sound British." She has impressed DJ Mark Ronson, singer Bilal, and producer IG Culture.

More soon. Once all the comments have been counted, once all the contenders have been posted, I'll declare some kind of winner.

More Nashville soul coming soon also...

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