Monday, June 26, 2006

The Faithfulaires of Jackson, Tennessee: I'm Coming Home

Moving into gospel in today's post, we have a track by The Faithfulaires of Jackson, Tennessee. It was recorded for Designer Records in Memphis in 1971. The A-side is a slow mournful gospel song, I'm Coming Home, written by David Taylor, who also provides some backing vocals. The B-Side is a more up-tempo celebration, He's A Friend Of Mine, written by C H Clark, who also sings lead on it.

I'll look in a gospel reference book later on, but so far neither composer has come up in any web search. On the other hand, the Faithfulaires, originally led by the indefatigable Sister Thelma Bass, are still spreading the gospel word. In 1996, she helped to establish the Thelma Y. Bass House, a centre for women recovering from substance abuse problems in Durham, North Carolina. Sadly, Sister Thelma has been suffering from some serious medical conditions since last year, and a benefit concert was held in her honour May 2005, at the Living Water Church in Durham. I couldn't find any other references about her current health, so I wish her a speedy recovery.

Designer Records resided at 3373 Park Avenue in Memphis, where today you will find a photo studio called Brasher/Rucker Photography.

The Faithfulaires of Jackson, Tennessee - I'm Coming Home (Designer SW71-5750) 1971

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