Saturday, December 09, 2006

There's Got To Be (some)One For Me: The Suemi Sessions of Lou Pride...

Hopefully, some of you have gotten a taste for more Lou Pride. But what about those of us who want to hear the crackle of vinyl but can't afford to sell out £1000 for the privilege of an original. Well thank Gerald Short, the Jazzman Gerald of Jazzman Records, who last year released Lou Pride The Suemi Sessions as a set of 3 reissued 45s! With detailed liner notes complied by Gerald and Kym Fuller, it recreates three singles recorded in the early 70s in El Paso and in Willie Mitchell's Royal Studio in Memphis. Well worth checking out!

BUY Lou Pride: The Suemi Sessions direct from Jazzman Records, and get hooked on 1000s of other reissues and sound clips!
Jazzman Records

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