Saturday, November 25, 2006

Tomorrow is Promised to the People... Lou Pride

Here is a Message To The People: "Hold On To Your Dream, because I'm Not Through Loving You", and if Your Love is Fading, then I've got to Work for Love. So I'm quitting my Lonely Room tomorrow evening, because if we think soul is over, We're Only Fooling Ourselves. Sure, there are Phony People; sure, This is a Man's World, but Tomorrow is Promised to the People! Look Out Love, There's Got to Be Someone for Me! His name is Lou Pride, so don't be Waiting In Vain! 'Coz whoever is Bringing Me Back Home, I'm Com'un Home in the Morn'un...

Lou Pride, by Kurt Swanson 2005

I'm getting a little excited, in anticipation of seeing and hearing the fantastic soulman George 'Lou' Pride with The WattSoul Horns tomorrow night at the Komedia in Brighton! Tickets are still available, so get one if you can. I will try to make dutiful notes to share with you soon. And if anyone reading this happens to be going too, look around, and if you find me, I'll happily buy you a pint or two! That's the Real Deal!

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Rob Whatman said...

Sorry about the broken links! I've fixed them - just have time to get to the show if I rush!