Saturday, May 20, 2006

Ella Brown: Love Don't Love Nobody

I have been busy working recently, but now I have a few minutes free I can make a new entry for the Louisiana soul sensation Ella Brown. According to Yukata Sakurai's Encyclopaedia of Soul, she recorded a number of singles for Adams Records. The track here was recorded for Lanor Records in Louisiana. According to John Ridley, Ella's husband was producer Jackie Avery, who produced acts at Phil Walden's Capricorn Records. Jackie was also a recording artist it seems, and although I don't know very much about him, I have found out that he recorded his own songs for Tail-Gate Records in New Orleans, including the song I Got Love. I think I will be trying to discover more about Jackie in the near future! Off to visit the Soul Detective...

Love Don't Love Nobody is the song for today. It is a great lament about the quality of manfolk. The instrumentation combines a funky band, horns and orchestration. The rockier feel to the band hints at Ella Brown's career in the 70s, when she became vocalist with the southern rock group Wet Willie, and recorded with The Marshall Tucker Band in 1973. Still, this is a classic soul track for us to enjoy.

This song will strike a chord with women everywhere!

Ella Brown - Love Don't Love Nobody (Lanor Records)

I found this song on a compilation of Lanor Records artists, but it is currently available on a compilation CD called Down & Out: The Sad Soul of the Black South by TRIKONT Records.


Stuart said...

I know of two singles recorded by Ella Brown for the Adams record label out of Macon. The first is "Frankie and Johnny/I Love you Baby" and the other has "Right or Wrong (I still Love Him)/Hey Boy". I believe they were both recorded at Capricorn Recording studios. Another Lanor single was released by her with "Touch Me/A Woman left Lonely".

Rob Whatman said...

Thanks Stuart for the info. I discovered also when doing this post that Lanor Records is still running today, and is selling copies of many of their artists' singles.

Dave Porter said...

13th December 06
I heard last night from a friend in Macon that Ella is suffering from cancer and is in a bad way. She is still married to Jackie Avery. They are struggling with medical bills.
Another sad story from the south.

Dave Porter.

Brian said...

I had the pleasure of meeting Jackie Avery today...he is quite an interesting man...I have been researching his music and his involvement with capricorn and his phone call that convinced jai to join the allman brothers, we need more musics and producers like jackie, god bless


Anonymous said...

To all the Ella Brown/Jackie Avery fans:

Ella is fully recovered and doing wonderful. A miracle. I feel honored to be her friend for 10yrs.

And may we have many many more laughs and fun together

Valentine Chantry

Anonymous said...

Great to hear these posts. Does anyone, including Ella remember if Duane Allman played on either of the Adams Singles? We are trying to compile a list of everything Duane played on> Thank You. Scott