Tuesday, January 16, 2007

The (Soul) Source of All Wisdom... or Fame! I'm Gonna Live Forever!

I was popping into Soul Source to just look around and learn, and saw a news item about a new automated (and presumably Complete and Unbelieveable) Directory Of Soul. That sounds useful, I thought, I'll have a look and put in a link so people can search out soul on the web...

Then I found this little bit of text on the page...

"Site Highlights/Updates via rss/atom
Each weblink if it has a rss/atom feed will now display highlights of all the latest items on the site as well eg the newest link the brown eyed handsome man link info page

Ooh, someone has the same name for a webpage, might be about Chuck Berry... So I clicked, and found this!

SOUL SOURCE - No.1 For Northern Soul!!!

What a lovely thing to say! Thank you, whoever it was who put me in!

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